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Creep Magnet (SebastianxReader)
You hummed silently to yourself as you stood in the back of the lavish dance hall, watching as noble men and women danced to the beautiful orchestra music that played.  It was the birthday of some rich old fart that you've never met in your life, and apparently anyone who was anyone was to attend his party.  Being of noble blood yourself, you knew that you had to maintain appearances; especially since you were now the head of your household. 
Not long ago your parents passed away in a tragic carriage accident, so it was up to you to uphold the outstanding reputation of the (L/N) name.  You were the heir to a perfume company, one that your father built himself from the ground up.  People all around the city admired his work, so they were very curious to meet his daughter.
You spent the first hour of the party introducing yourself to the money hungry snobs, turning down random suitors who asked for your hand in marriage as well as turning down several l
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 9 2
The Captive (ClaudexReader) (Pt.4)
Part Four:  Trouble in the garden
You spent the next several weeks on bed rest due to the severe injuries Alois had inflicted on you, three fractured ribs and a dislocated hip.  Claude had popped your hip back into place, which was very painful to say the least, but there was not much he could do for your ribs other than bandage them.  It was increasingly difficult to breathe and you couldn't even change your clothes or use the restroom on your own.
Hannah aided you in these things daily until your wounds were healed, scarcely speaking to you as she did so.  It was not because she was being unfriendly, though.  One day you'd overheard a conversation between her and Claude outside of your bedroom.  The butler had strictly forbade her from speaking to you unless absolutely necessary.  You weren't sure the reason but you did not want to get the maid in trouble with her prick of a master.  You had a feel
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 9 5
The Captive (ClaudexReader) (Pt3)
Part Three: Pain
"What do you think of my little room?" Alois asked with a grin, still proudly displaying the whip in his hand.  "Impressive, isn't it?  I spent months collecting each piece."  He tossed the whip to the floor and walked over to the iron maiden, resting his hand on it.  "This one was the most difficult to come by.  Claude and I had to travel all the way to Spain to get it."
"I don't really care."  You groaned, rolling your eyes.  "If you're going to torture me then get it over with.  That is, unless you intend to talk me to death..?"
You blinked in amazement as the words left your lips.  Where in the world did this new found boldness come from?  Claude looked down at the floor with a ghost of a smirk on his face.  Alois, on the other hand, was not amused.  He frowned and grabbed a rusty metal device from the wall. It looked like an oversized pair of scissors.
"Do you kno
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 7 4
The Captive (ClaudexReader)(Pt.2)
Part Two: The Punishment Room
You paced back and forth through the dark cellar trying to muster a plan of escape but it was of no use.  There were no windows down here and the only door was locked up tight.  'Do what you have to do to survive.'  Johnny's words rang clear in your mind over and over again but the hope of survival seemed to fade with every passing minute.  There was no doubt in your mind that Alois Trancy intended to kill you in the morning.
"No.." You said aloud, "I refuse to give that little bastard the satisfaction."
There had to be something in the cellar you could use.  You extended your arms out and began feeling your way around the pitch black room until your hand bumped against something made of glass.  You groped the glass object and released a satisfied gasp when you realized what you were touching.  'Of course!' You thought, 'This is a wine cellar!' 
You pulled the bottle from t
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 7 8
The Captive (ClaudexReader)
Part One:  One Last Job
The cool night air blew mercilessly against your face as you stood outside of the large manor. It has been several weeks since your partner, a man by the name of Johnny Price, made plans to break into and rob the Trancy Estate. He promised that this place would be your ticket to easy street. No more living on the streets, no more begging for food like a dog; and most of all, no more stealing.
This was going to be your last robbery.  When it was over the two of you could finally buy homes of your own, something you have both wanted for such a long time.  Robbing this place seemed like an easy enough job, especially for the likes of two of London's most notorious burglars, but there was something about the estate that made you very uneasy. It was almost as if there was a sinister presence lurking about.
"Are you sure about this place, Johnny?" You asked, pulling your black coat tighter around yourself. "I don't know w
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 11 3
SebastianxReader [Devoured]
The demon stood in the shadows and watched as the young lady came out of the manor.  She had been attending the birthday party of a noble boy, and after three hours she was finally taking her leave.  She wore a primrose party gown and her face was adorned with just enough makeup to bring out her beautiful features.  She was absolutely enchanting.
He kept his eyes fixed on her as she said her goodbyes to the other guests.  She smiled politely and offered a small curtsy to each.  The demon winced with anticipation as she reached the final guest.
Eight long months have passed since Sebastian began serving his master, each passing day making it agonizingly more difficult to control his hunger.  He normally didn't have to wait so long between meals, as it were, but his young master was in no hurry to perish.  The demon's hunger was beginning to grow very real, and he knew the only way he would be able to contain himself was to feast on the soul o
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 26 3
Mature content
SebastianxAngel!ReaderxClaude-Defiled(Pt.4)[Lemon] :iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 11 12
ClaudexReader-Pest Control
The late William Shakespeare once said, "Be not afraid of greatness.  Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them."  It was obvious that Mr. Shakespeare had written that quote with you in mind.  You see, there was something truly great about the title you held. 
You wouldn't consider yourself a hero, per say, but there was no doubt in your mind that London would fall into complete chaos without you.
Because you were a bug exterminator.
The title may seem meager to some, but not everyone is cut out to deal with pests.  For generations people have called upon exterminators to liberate them from the pests that lurked about their homes, destroying their property and spreading disease.  You considered it an honor to help those who could not help themselves. 
Well, that, and the pay was pretty sweet....
So when you were contacted about a young earl, Alois Trancy by name, whose home was infested with pes
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 13 10
Mature content
SebastianxAngel!ReaderxClaude-Defiled(Pt3) [Lemon] :iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 14 17
SebastianxAngel!ReaderxClaude [Defiled] (Pt.2)
Part Two: The Fight
Your heart pounded in your chest as you stared at the demon that towered over you.  When you received this assignment you had no intention of harming anyone, but now it seemed that violence would be inevitable.  Closing your eyes, you pressed your hands together and began to pray.  "Father, please grant me the strength to-"
"Praying for strength.." Claude said, "How pathetic and weak."
"My strength comes from my Master."  You replied, looking back at the demon.  "I can do nothing without Him, just as you can do nothing without your master."
Claude shook his head.  "I rely on no one for my strength."
Sebastian stepped forward and waved his arm in the air.  "Enough idle talk.  It is time to settle this matter."  His eyes flickered from Claude to your (e/c) eyes.  "Before we fight tell me who you are.  I want to know the name of the angel I will defeat."
"(F/N)(L/N), humble serv
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 11 6
SebastianxAngel!ReaderxClaude-[Defiled] (Pt.1)
Part One: Busted
Your eyes were fixed on the golden piece of paper in your hand as you stood outside of the Trancy manor. Just hours ago you had received orders from a higher ranking angel.  You were to visit Alois and persuade him to repent his evil ways.  Simple as the orders were you couldn't help but feel uneasy after everything that had happened with Angela/Ash.
There had been much unrest in Heaven after what she/he had done.  The Creator had never intended for angels to purify humans against their wills, that is why He gave humans free will in the first place.  Your job as an angel was to minister to the humans, to show them the error of their ways and give them a chance to repent.  It was as simple as that.  Should the human refuse to listen to reason, you were to go about your merry way.
"Should be easy..." You said, crumpling the piece of paper and tossing it to the ground.  You looked around to make sure no one was there bef
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 22 11
Chocolate Pie (SebastianxChild!Reader)
It was a particulary beautiful day in London. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the streets were filled with the hustle and bustle of merry people going about their way. Yet, this was not enough to pull Ciel Phantomhive from his sour mood. You see, just an hour ago his servants had nearly burned the kitchen down (again) trying to prepare a scrumptious roast beef dinner.
So Ciel and Sebastian were forced to venture into town for some fresh ingredients while the servants cleaned their mess. "Why am I forced to endure such incompetence?" Ciel muttered as he trudged down the bright sidewalk.
Sebastian chuckled at his master's impatience. They continued strolling down the street until the butler noticed a quaint looking bakery. "Master, why don't you relax while I do the grocery shopping? It shouldn't take me longer than ten minutes. Have a nice piece of chocolate pie while you wait."
Normally, Ciel would refuse such an offer; but today he was feeling too tired to protes
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Sweet Tooth (GermanyxChubby!Reader)
>>>Link to part one in description<<<
You stared down at the grocery list that Ludwig wrote out for you and grimaced. The German was now officially your personal trainer so he took the liberty of writing out a strict two week program for you to follow.
But the food looked terrible. It was nothing but white meat and green vegetables!
Where were the cookies!? Where was the pizza!?
Sighing, you walked through the grocery store and began loading your basket with vegetables; brocoli, asparagus, and even....cabbage. It was only for two weeks, you tried to tell yourself. You could survive for that long.
You grabbed a few more groceries before checking out. As you were making your way through the parking lot of the store a captivating aroma hit your nostrils. There was a bakery across the street that had everything. Donuts, cookies, cakes! It was a sweet toothed girl's paradise!
"No...I can't." You told yourself, "Ludwig would kill me if he found out.."
You climbed i
:iconmrshighwind:MrsHighwind 14 1
Spider and the Fly (14) (ClaudexDetective!Reader)
Chapter Fourteen:  Hopeless
You were lying on the bed, hands still secured behind your back by the iron cuffs, when you rolled yourself onto the floor. Claude had only been gone for a few minutes and you decided there was no sense in waiting for him to come back and kill you.
You stood up and positioned yourself so that you could twist the doorknob open. Stepping out into the hallway, you glanced around to make sure no one was around before high tailing it towards the front door. You were determined to get the hell out of there before Claude could put his filthy hands on you again.
You shivered as you remembered his cold touch and the way his eyes had shifted to that horrifying pink color. 'He said he wasn't human!' Your mind raced as you continued running through the manor. 'What the heck is he!?'

When you reached the front door you opened it and closed your eyes as the cool night air hit you, savoring your freedom, until you remembered yo
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Scaring Auron (AuronXRikku)
It was a particularly beautiful evening in the Thunder Plains; that is if you were the kind of person that enjoyed the beauty and majesty of lightning. Rikku, unfortunately, was not such a person and she was still steamed at that big meanie Auron for embarrassing her in front of the other guardians. It wasn't her fault that she was afraid of lightning. She stood in the lobby of the travel agency, her hands clasped tightly together, as she glanced at Auron with a wicked grin. She would have her revenge for making a fool of her and it was going to be glorious.
She was going to catch Auron off guard somehow and scare the pants off of him! Only then would the big meanie know how she felt. Shifting her eyes to the floor, she stifled an evil giggle. She waited patiently for twenty minutes until the guardian finally unfolded his arms and said, "I'm going to check on Yuna then go to bed. I suggest you all do the same."
"Alrighty then!" Rikku said chipperly, "Nighty night!"
Auron raised a brow
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The Hostage
Title: The Hostage
Game: Final Fantasy X
Characters: Lulu and Seymour
Summary:  Lulu is captured by the guado in Macalani, where she has an interesting conversation with Seymour.

The tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with Auron's sword as Yuna and her guardians stood before the guado. Their fight with Seymour had just come to an end and the guado refused to hear their explanations. Their beloved leader was dead and Yuna was a traitor to Yevon. The only thing left for the party to do was turn themselves in.
Or so they thought.
"Run!" Kimahri shouted and, before anyone had time to process the decision, the guardians began high tailing out of the temple. The guado pursued them adamantly, summoning fiends to stop them before they could get away. The guardians eliminated them with ease and continued fleeing for their lives. Until one guardian found herself running behind her companions.
 The heaviness of her dress and the snow that ceaselessly fel
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