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Thank you so much for visiting my page! When I'm not adulting, I read and write fanfiction! It's a relaxing hobby that I've enjoyed for five great years.

I will happily take requests/trades from my friends and watchers. All you have to do is drop me a note ;)

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Hello all!
So for the last few months I've been slacking a bit on my writing so I decided that I need a little more practice in disciplining myself to write every day.  So I'll be taking one-shot requests!  I'm not going to charge any points, but I will install the donation widget on my page in case anyone wants to donate (completely optional lol!) 

But if you're going to donate, please wait until after I finish your case you hate it.  ^^;

As a rule, I'm only going to take requests from my friends and watchers.  Just drop me a note and I'll get started! :) (Smile)

Right now I'm mainly writing Hetalia and Black Butler.

I will gladly take requests for:

Lemon (Note:  I've never written one before, but I am more than willing to!)

Preferably not Yaoi/Yuri just because I don't think I'd write that very well.  Sorry ^^;


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This is for anyone who feels like donating. See my journal for details on one-shot requests! ^_^

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You hummed silently to yourself as you stood in the back of the lavish dance hall, watching as noble men and women danced to the beautiful orchestra music that played.  It was the birthday of some rich old fart that you've never met in your life, and apparently anyone who was anyone was to attend his party.  Being of noble blood yourself, you knew that you had to maintain appearances; especially since you were now the head of your household. 

Not long ago your parents passed away in a tragic carriage accident, so it was up to you to uphold the outstanding reputation of the (L/N) name.  You were the heir to a perfume company, one that your father built himself from the ground up.  People all around the city admired his work, so they were very curious to meet his daughter.

You spent the first hour of the party introducing yourself to the money hungry snobs, turning down random suitors who asked for your hand in marriage as well as turning down several leeches who wanted you to invest some money in their inventions. 

So naturally it was a relief to finally get away from the excitement, if even for a moment.  You really didn't want to be here in the first place. 

If it were up to you, you would be at your manor soaking in the tub with a mystery novel in your hands. 

"My, my....what is a lovely thing like you doing standing back here alone?"  A voice said from beside you, making you jump.  You turned around to see a familiar man dressed in an elaborate white suit with a glass of champagne in each hand.  He was the Viscount Druitt, a man who in your opinion was nothing more than a womanizing scoundrel.  What in the world did he want with you? 

His cobalt eyes glinted with concern.  "Are you not enjoying the party, my little flower?"

You offered him a small smile, even though you wanted to tell the creep to beat it.  "You needn't worry yourself about me, Lord Druitt.  I-"

"Please, call me Aleister." He insisted, flashing his pearly whites at you.

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes and glanced down at your silver wrist watch.  "Well, Aleister, it was lovely chatting with you but it's getting late and I really should get back ho-"

"So soon?" He said, clearly disappointed.  "Won't you at least have a sip of champagne with me before you leave?"

'Geez...why doesn't this guy just bugger off already!?'  You thought, annoyed.  There were plenty of other women here for him to hassle, why couldn't he have chosen one of them?  Perhaps if you had one glass of champagne with him he would leave you alone.  Sighing, you took the glass from his hand.  "Alright, just one glass..."


The empty glass fell from your hand as the room began spinning.  Your head was throbbing and your eyelids rapidly flickered open and shut as you tried to maintain your composure.  "How are you feeling, my dear?"  Aleister asked, wrapping his gloved hand around your arm to hold you steady.  There was a mischievous grin across his face.  "You seem light-headed.  Let me escort you to one of the bedrooms so that you can rest."

You opened your mouth to protest but all that came out was a pained groan.  Your heart beat grew more rapid by the second but you were too out of it to pull away from him, and the other party guests were too consumed in their dancing to even notice him pulling you towards the back of the manor. 

He looked around to make sure no one had followed you before opening one of the bedroom doors and pulling you inside.  The struggle to keep your eyes open was becoming worse by the second.  There had to be something you could do!  Aleister gently pushed you on to the bed and sat next to you.  "Don't you worry about a thing.  I will take good care of you."

""  You managed to say as he began caressing your cheek.

"Guilty as charged." He confessed as his lips curved into a smile.  "Do not worry, my little flower.  I am not going to hurt you."

"If you don't......let me go......I'll scream...."

"Now, now....don't be absurd."  He said, taking his hand from your cheek down to your neck.  "You haven't the strength to scream, and besides no one will hear you."  You started to protest again until he smashed his lips onto yours.  The pain in your head starting growing much worse and the to keep your eyes open was gone.  Aleister swiftly took notice and stroked the top of your head.  "That's it, my darling, go to sleep.  It will all be over soon..."

He leaned in to steal another kiss until a deep voice said, "Pardon me, sir.  I must insist you unhand the young lady."

Your eyes shifted to the front of the room to see a man dressed in black standing there, a frown adorning his handsome face.  You instantly recognized him.  He was the butler of Ciel Phantomhive.

"Oh....h-hello, Sebastian." Aleister stammered, releasing you and standing to his feet.  He rubbed the back of his neck.  "I know how this must look but I assure you-"

Sebastian raised a gloved hand in the air.  "You have three seconds to leave us or I'm afraid I will have to do something drastic."

"But I-"


"I swear I was just-"


"If you would just listen-"


Sebastian took a step forward and Aleister ran out of the room screaming like a little girl.  The butler put his palm to his face and sighed before returning his attention to you.  "Are you alright, my lady?"

"Yes, I'm quite alright."  You groaned, trying to stand up on shaky legs. 

Sebastian grabbed your arms and helped you catch your footing.  "Good, but I must say it was rather foolish of you to accept a drink from a man you scarcely know.  Men like him love to prey on beautiful young girls like yourself."

Your cheeks flushed pink at the compliment, even though it embarrassed you to be lectured by a butler.  You rolled your eyes and insisted, "Yeah, yeah....I'll be more careful from now on."

"No more talking to strangers?"

"No more talking to strangers...."

Sebastian smiled warmly at you.  "Good, now let's get you back home.  My master and I will be happy to take you."

"No, no..." You insisted, shaking your head.  "I will be just fine on my-"

But before you could finish you collapsed into Sebastian's arms.  The drug had fully kicked in and you blacked out.  Sighing, the butler took you into his arms and began to carry you towards the front door with a small grin on his face.  "My lady, you are so naïve it's almost adorable.."

Creep Magnet (SebastianxReader)
I'm not dead!  Just got busy with life for a bit lol!  Anyway, I felt bad for the lack of updates so I wrote this little thing.  Hope you enjoyed!

Part Four:  Trouble in the garden

You spent the next several weeks on bed rest due to the severe injuries Alois had inflicted on you, three fractured ribs and a dislocated hip.  Claude had popped your hip back into place, which was very painful to say the least, but there was not much he could do for your ribs other than bandage them.  It was increasingly difficult to breathe and you couldn't even change your clothes or use the restroom on your own.

Hannah aided you in these things daily until your wounds were healed, scarcely speaking to you as she did so.  It was not because she was being unfriendly, though.  One day you'd overheard a conversation between her and Claude outside of your bedroom.  The butler had strictly forbade her from speaking to you unless absolutely necessary.  You weren't sure the reason but you did not want to get the maid in trouble with her prick of a master.  You had a feeling that she had been in the punishment room more than once.

Claude brought your meals to you at the same time everyday; breakfast at six, lunch at eleven thirty, a small snack at three, and dinner at seven.  He never said a word to you, though there were times he would just stand and stare at you through his silver spectacles.  You would always keep your eyes fixed on your plate until he was on his way.  You refused to look in the eyes of the man who had killed your friend, and besides that the guy gave you the creeps. 

The way he had kissed your neck that day.....

You shuddered every time you thought about it.  There was no love or even lust behind it.  It was his way of showing you that you were completely helpless in his presence, something the creeper clearly took pleasure in.  You figured he was some kind of sadist.  Why else would he have just stood by and watched as his master beat the living hell out of you?  He probably enjoyed it almost as much as Alois had, if not more so.

Alois visited your room daily.  He would sit on the bed with you for hours, talking to you and forcing you to play chess with him.  He never once mentioned the beating he had given you or anything about you breaking into his home.  It was almost as if he had completely forgotten the entire thing, like the two of you had been friends for years.  But you had not forgotten.  You spent almost every waking moment thinking about how you would get your revenge on the little twerp. 

You weren't about to let his deeds go unpunished.  So you maintained an outward appearance of friendliness and forgiveness.  You indulged in his long talks and games, even going as far as to laugh at his lame jokes.  Your plan was to earn his trust then strike when he least expected it.  It would be glorious.


When you were finally able to leave your bed, Alois allowed you to go anywhere you wanted within the estate.  But he made sure that someone was always watching you.  Whether you visited the library or took a stroll in the garden, you were followed by at least one of his servants.  It was usually the triplets who kept watch over you.  They would stand afar off, whispering to each other, until you were finished then they would make sure you returned to either your bedroom or wherever Alois was.

You were beginning to grow very frustrated with the situation.  How were you ever going to get the kid when the weirdos were constantly watching you?  You needed to be alone with him, just for a moment, but it seemed like that would never happen.  Wherever Alois was, there was Claude.  He stood by him night and day like a guard dog, and you knew there was no way you could try anything with him around.

You were just going to have to be patient until the time came.  Even Claude had to sleep sometime....


Then, just as if your prayers had been answered, opportunity struck.  You were sitting in the library reading a mystery novel, with the triplets watching over you of course, when Alois and Claude came in.  Alois waved his hand in the air and dismissed them, then turned his attention to you with a sickeningly cute grin on his face. 

He asked you to take a stroll in the garden with him, said he had something private he wished to discuss with you.  You would rather have your tongue torn out than to spend time with him but you agreed to go with him.  This was the opportunity you had been waiting for, to finally be alone with the little creep so you could get your sweet revenge.

Claude wanted to tag along as well, but Alois was quite adamant about being alone with you.

He escorted you out into the garden and into his elaborate hedge maze.  When you were well into the maze, you stood behind the boy and reached your hands out towards him, ready to strangle the little twerp, until he turned around and looked at you with a big grin on his face.  You threw your hands behind your back and returned the smile.

"Do you want to know why I brought you out here?" He asked playfully, leaning himself against the hedges.

You shrugged your shoulders.  "Sure."

Your brows raised curiously when his face flushed pink.  He glanced down at the ground then hesitantly looked back up at you.  "You're a very beautiful woman, (F/N), and I am a boy who knows what he wants."  He reached out and grabbed your thigh, wriggling his eyebrows up and down.

" can't be serious."  You said, causing his smile to vanish.  "What are you, like, ten!?"

"I'm thirteen!" He shouted, his mood shifting from playful to angry in about two seconds.  "And I own you, remember!?  You have to do what I say!!"

He lunged forward and tackled you to the ground, grabbing your wrists in an attempt to pin you down.  You gasped in disbelief as he stuck his hand down your blouse, roughly squeezing your breast.  What in the heck did he think he was doing!?  Furious, you pried yourself from his grasp and put your hands on his chest, pushing him the hell off of you.  "Are you out of your mind!?"

You grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him off of the ground, raising a fist in the air to beat the crap out of him. 

"CLAUDE!!!" He screamed, and within seconds the butler was there.  He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you away from the boy with ease.

'How in the heck did he get here so fast!?' You wondered, dumbfounded.  'It took us like twenty minutes to get here!'

Alois flashed Claude a pathetic look before he started crying like a little girl.  "She....she tried to violate me, Claude."

Your mouth flew open in disbelief.  "WHAT!?  But you're the one who-"

"She's scaring me!  Take her away before she tries to hurt me again!!"

"Where shall I take her?" Claude asked, trying to maintain his monotone voice.  But you could swear there was a hint of amusement in it.

"Lock her in her room until I think of a proper way to punish her!"

"Yes, Your Highness." Claude replied.  He kept one arm around your waist and used his other hand to grab a handful of your hair.  Alois flashed you a sinister grin as the butler began dragging you away from him, pulling you by your hair all the way to the manor and into the bedroom.  You gasped as he threw you on to the floor and climbed on top of you, pinning your arms down so that you could not fight him.

"Let me go!" You demanded, squirming uselessly beneath him.  "I swear I'm going to-!"

He placed his finger to your lips, shocking you into silence.  There was a glimmer of dark pleasure in his golden eyes.  He was enjoying being on top of you, having complete control.  "I know you didn't try to violate my master."  He said, "But you tried to harm him and that is something I simply cannot allow."

He leaned his head into yours and whispered in your ear.  "If you ever lay another hand on him I will be forced to punish you myself, and it will be far worse than anything Alois ever did to you.  Do you understand me?"

"Y-yes..." You whimpered.

"Good girl."

He stood to his feet and dusted himself off before taking his leave, locking the door behind himself.  You stared after him for a moment, stunned, before putting your head in your hands.  "These people are absolutely insane..." You said under your breath, "Screw revenge, I have to get the hell out of here before they kill me."

You swallowed nervously as you remembered the hunger in Claude's eyes.  "Or worse..."

The Captive (ClaudexReader) (Pt.4)
Yay!  Finally got part four out! excited happy 
Hope it wasn't too wordy lol.
And I just want to give a special thanks to everyone who has read, favorited, and commented so far!  Your comments make me smile :D


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